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Q: What is a type of government in which supreme authority rests with the majority of the people?
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What is the concept democracy?

a form of government in which the supreme power is retained by the people, but which is usually exercised indirectly through a system of representation and delegated authority periodically renewed

Who holds the supreme authority in a dictatorship?

a single person or a small group of people

What is the source of government authority in a democracy?

The people

Where from what or whom does government get its authority to rule?

We the People is where government gets its power.

From whom does the civil government receive its authority?

Civil government in the United States received its authority from the people through the Constitution.

Which theory of government makes the case that no one group of people controls the majority of government decisions?

The democratic theory of government makes the case that no one group of people controls the majority of government decisions.

When the people of the nation accept their government's authority the government is said to have?


What is a democracy?

Democracy Is a form of government In which the supreme power Is held completely by the people via free elections. In a pure democracy the majority always wins and can persecute the minority. In a democratic republic, like the US, there is a constitution and certain rights which can not be abridged even by a majority vote.Democracy is a form of government in which people have a voice in the exercise of power , typically through elected representatives

Which is supreme between civilian authority and military authority during times of martial law?

It is written in Art II Sec 3 that Civilian authority is at all times supreme over the military. Martial law also aims in protecting the people, it doesn't necessarily mean that they are supreme over the civilians during this time.

In a dictatorship supreme authority rests solely with the people?

If you are being asked this on a test or homework, the answer being looked for is probably "False". The tester will believe that a dictatorship is the authority resting upon one man, while in a democracy it rests upon the people. But in truth, no government ever governs without at least the tacit consent of the governed. The "supreme authority" of a dictatorship thus does "rest solely with the people". You may see the truth in this by watching how various governments "advertise". Those that are generally more free, are relatively quiet. But the worse a dictatorship it is, the more they "advertise". Which is why there's all those pictures of the Supreme Leader everywhere, and propaganda about how many great things he's doing for his people. He knows he needs the people to think he is doing good. Or else he'd not waste the money on those things.

The American colonists believed authority should come from the people They also believed authority should work for the people What term does this describe?

This describes the principle of "popular sovereignty," which asserts that the authority of government is derived from and should reflect the will of the people it governs.

What best describes the form of government called democracy?

The authority to govern comes from the people. A+