What is a very high hill?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A very high hill is a mountain.

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Q: What is a very high hill?
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What happened at Bunker Hill and Breeds Hill?

Bunker Hill and Breed's Hill are the same thing. Breed's Hill is famous for the "Battle of Bunker Hill" that happened during the American Revolutionary War. The casualties for the 13 colonies were 115 deaths, 305 injuries, and 30 captured. For England, they had 226 deaths(19 of them were officers), 828 injuries. In the end, the English won, but with the amount of deaths and injuries the English had the colonies thought of it as a victory.

Why did British attack breeds hill?

The British wanted to attack bunker hill because from bunker hill all of Boston could be hit by cannon fire. However because of a mistake they attacked breeds hill thinking it was bunker hill.

Is george hill grant hill son?

No, they are not related at all.

What was porkchop hill?

Porkchop hill is the name given to hill 255 ( because of it's shape); the site of bloody fighting between American (mostly) and Chinese Communist forces during the Korean War. Two battles took place: the first 23 march - 18 April, the second 6 - 11 July. the clashes were considered controversial because of the high numbers of casualties suffered (particularly the 2nd battle), the relative insignificance tactically of the hill and the fact that the armistice was signed less than 3 weeks after the secand battle. the 2nd battle was portrayed in the 1959 film 'PorkChop Hill', starring Gregory Peck.

Where is bunker hill located in the revolutionary war?

It was a hill overlooking the city of Boston in Massachusetts. The Battle of Bunker Hill, however, was fought on a nearby Breed's Hill and was accidentally named the Battle of Bunker Hill because of the mix-up. Hope I helped... Yah... xD