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"Stocks" or "pillory."

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Q: What is a wooden frame with holes for head and arms used to punish people?
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What is a pillary?

A pillory is a device used to punish and humiliate people publicly. It is recognizable by the three holes in a wooden board to insert the head and hands.

How to tie new wooden wall to existing brick wall?

Just attach using screws through the new timber frame into plastic plugs in holes in the wall.

What did hattie Parker shout at sam holes?

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What features do a wooden spatula with holes have?

For stirring thick soups.

Why would holes be drilled in cab frame of pickup?

In the frame, or the body? In the case of the frame (or even the body), I'd consider they possibly had additional electrical items installed, and drilled the holes to run the wiring through.

What can you put in a wooden box that makes it lighter?

You can put a hole in the wooden box to make it lighter by reducing the amount of material in it.

Wooden frames with holes for locking someone's ankles and wrists?

This sounds like a form of bondage device commonly referred to as a "stockade." It is often used in BDSM play or historical re-enactments to restrain a person by locking their ankles and wrists in place within the wooden frame. It is important to establish consent and have clear boundaries when using such devices in any type of play.

Where are garden window Weep holes?

Weep holes are typically located at the bottom of the window frame to allow water to drain out. In garden windows, weep holes may be found underneath the window sill or along the sides of the frame to prevent water accumulation and maintain proper drainage.

Can you replace a Chevy short bed with a Chevy standard bed?

Not sure what year you are working on, but yes, typically all the bolt holes will be in there in the frame. When I was a kid my dad used a 4x4 Suburban frame to make a 72 Chevy pickup a 4x4. All the holes were there, he just had to cut the excess from the frame rails.

Is there a bamboo flute that has 4 holes?

A wooden flute can contain from one hole, to many. It all depends on what you buy.

How do you fix three pea-sized rust holes in the metal frame of a 4-year-old pool 12 inches from the bottom when the holes go through the liner?

0. Wait for fall. 1. Drain pool. 2. weld frame holes with addition of small squares of same/similar material as metal frame. 3. Cover with silicone so it is smooth, will not puncture liner. 4. Patch liner.

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