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An American bittern is a medium-sized species of bittern found commonly in North America, Latin name Botaurus lentiginosus, known in some communities colloquially as the dunkadoo.

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Q: What is an American bittern?
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What eats a American bittern?

what eats an american bittern

What are American bittern predators?

Cayotes, humans, and american badgers are american bittern predators.

Is the American bittern a herbivore carnivore or an omnivore?

The American bittern is a carnivore, feeding mostly on small fish, amphibians, insects, and crustaceans.

Where does the American bittern live?

The only state i know is Illinois.

What is the name of a wading bird starting with the letter a?

American Bittern

Life span of American bittern?

The maximum known lifespan is 8 years.

Use the word bittern in a sentence?

A bittern is a bird. Here are some sentences.I saw a bittern by the lake.The booming of the bittern startled me.Bitterns have feathers.

When was Bittern Line created?

Bittern Line was created in 1887.

What does the bittern eat?

That depends on their species.The Little Bittern is found in Africa, Central Europe, Southern Europe, Western Asia, Southern Asia and Madagascar.The Black-Backed Bittern is found in Australia and New Guinea.New Zealand Bittern lived in New Zealand but is now extinct.The Cinnamon Bittern or Chestnut Bittern is native to India, East China and Indonesia.The Stripe-Backed Bittern is found in every country in the South American continent (Peru, Brazil, Argentina, etc).The Least Bittern is native to most of the Americas, from Canada all the way down to Argentina.The Yellow Bittern can be found in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Japan and Indonesia. They seem to get lost easily, however, and have been spotted in Alaska and even as far as Great Britain, though they are not native to either.Von Schrenck's Bittern is found in China, Siberia, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and Laos, depending on seasonal migration.The Dwarf Bittern is found in almost every country in the African continent, except the humid, desert areas such as Egypt. It can also be found in southern Spain.The Black Bittern can be found in Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, east China, Indonesia and Australia.The American Bittern can be found in central US and Canada. They can uncommonly be found in Ireland during migratory seasons, though they are not native there.The Eurasian Bittern (or Great Bittern) is found in the majority of Europe and western Asia. Conservation efforts are in place in the United Kingdom to try and bring heir numbers back up.The Pinnated Bittern is found in the north and east of the South American continent, from Mexico to Argentina.The Australasian Bittern is an endangered species in Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, New Caledonia and Ouvea.The Zigzag Bittern is found in subtropical or tropical swamps within Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Peru, Suriname and Venezuela.

Does the black bittern eat salvinia?

Yes, Black Bittern eats Salvinia.

Is an American bittern a scavenger?

"American Bittern is active at dusk and during the night. It is a solitary bird, standing quietly and slowly stalking its prey. It has the nickname of 'Thunder-pumper' or 'Stake-driver' because of the song it sings during the breeding season." It stalks it's pray so NO it is not a scavenger.

What is the scientific name or taxonomic classification of the animal American bittern?

The scientific or taxonomic name would be Botaurus lentiginousus.