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An amending formula is a procedure for changing the Constitution.

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Q: What is an amending formula?
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What is a formula to change Canada's constitution?

Amending Formula

What is the procedure to change Canada's Constitution?

The procedure is called the Amending Formula

Article 5 deals with what concept?

amending the constitution amending the constitution

What does amending the legislature means?

Amending the legislature means making alterations in the assembly of lawmakers.

What article provides for amending the constitution?

Article 5: Amending the Constitution Two Thirds of both houses

formit201-x amending tax return 2019?

I need IT 201-X form for NYS for amending my return for 2010

Amending the constitution?

article v

How have the four informal methods of amending the constitution to be amending the constitution affected the role of the executive branch in the federal government?

read the book

What are the two steps of the second method of amending the constitution?

The two steps in the second method of amending the Constitution are: proposal by Congress and ratification by conventions.

What is the term for revising the U.S. Constitution?


Special Term for changing a law?


Which of these has no formal role in amending the constitution?

the president