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To ignore, disregard, or neglect

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Q: What is an antontym to heard?
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What is an antontym for elegy?

An antonym for elegy could be celebration or joyous ode.

Is heard or can be heard?

what style of music is a tuba heard in

What is the past participle of heard?

The past participle of "heard" is "heard."

Is heard by a friend correct?

It is correct if it is what you intend to say. If you mean that your friend heard something, and then related it to you, you can say that it was heard by a friend. Your friend heard it. If you mean that YOU heard something, and you heard it because your friend told you, then you heard it from a friend.

What is a heard of rhino called?

A heard of rhino is called a crash or a heard.

Which is correct the sound of the bells was heard or the sound of the bells were heard?

'The sound of the bells were heard' is grammatically correct.

Have you have heard of Club Penguin?

Some people have heard of it and some people have not. I have heard of it.

Has anyone heard of the water works diet?

I heard of it and I heard it didn't work.

What is the past perfect tense of heard?

Heard is the past tense and past participle of hear. The past perfect tense of hear is had heard.

What did the Mayflower have to do with pilgrims?

The Mayflower was used to get the pilgrims to America. If you heard of Christopher Columbus then you heard of pilgrims and if you heard of pilgrims you heard of the Mayflower.

How do you use the word heard in a sentence?

Have you heard about the new math teacher? When she heard the bell, she went to class. They got scared because they heard strange noises. They hit the ground when they heard gunfire.

How does one say you heard in French?

One can say "you heard" in French as "tu as entendu."