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An assembly, or group of citizens that helps make laws is called a diputacion

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Q: What is an assembly or group of citizens that helps make laws?
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Which group voted on laws in Athens?

The Assembly

How did the Athenians make laws?

the citizens elected fair officials to create laws

How were Carthaginian laws passed?

By vote in its assembly of citizens.

What was the job of the Assembly in many Greek city-states?

The citizens in assembly passed laws.

What was the Assembly?

the lagislative assembly is the people that helps makes the laws for our country

Did Sparta have an assembly of 5000 citizens who voted on laws?

Yes, the council called an assembly which voted yes or now on proposed laws, war and other major issues. The number of citizens varied over time.

What was the lagislative assembly?

the lagislative assembly is the people that helps makes the laws for our country

What is a sentence for the word assembly which means a group o citizens in an ancient Greek democracy with the power to pass laws?

The assembly in ancient Greek democracy was responsible for passing laws and making important decisions for the city-state.

A group of people elected to make the laws for a country?

Parliament (the group of representatives in a country can be called in different names in each country, the important is that they are the people who have been elected by the citizens to represent them in the main assembly, which has the legislative power, i.e. the branch that has the power tho make laws.)

What group meets to make state laws?

The General Assembly

What did the ancient Greek assembly do?

One job is a government official. but for more... FIGURE IT OUT YOURSELF! thank you, and have a good day. :)

Who proposed laws in Athens?

Initially they were approved by the king; when aristocrats took over, they established the Council on the Aeropaus which made laws. With the coming of democracy, the assembly of the citizens made the laws by majority vote.