What is an enslaved person?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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An enslaved person is a slave. Furthermore, to my knowledge at least, an enslaved person is a person who has been forced into slavery against their individual will by some external deliberate force.

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Q: What is an enslaved person?
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Was tituba a good or bad person?

Tituba was not a bad person, she was a victim. An enslaved black girl. The people who enslaved her and others were in fact the bad people.

Who is an oppressed person?

one who is enslaved caused hardship by another person

Who was an enslaved person who sued for freedom?

Dred Scott

Do enslaved people have a home?

Yes. They are housed by the person who owns them.

What was an enslaved person considered to be if it escaped to the north?


Who was the first person to be enslaved for life?

The first person to be enslaved for life in the United States was John Punch, an African servant who was sentenced to a lifetime of servitude in 1640. This judgment marked the beginning of the legal establishment of slavery based on race in British North America.

What former enslaved person escaped to Massachusetts in 1838?

Fredrick Douglass

What kind of person might be symbolized with a bird with clipped wings?

Any person who feels enslaved or trapped.

Why did Polk believe no one would take an enslaved person to the southwest?

Polk believed that no one would take an enslaved person to the southwest because of the climate of the area. The climate in the southwest was dry, this meant that it would not be suitable for plantations. Therefore, there would be no need for the help that came from enslaved people.

What plan proposed that every enslaved person would count as three free person?

The three fifths compromise was the plan that proposed that every five enslaved persons would count as three free persons.

What is the definition of enslaved person?

An enslaved person is an individual who is forced to work without pay, under coercion, threat of violence, or other forms of control by another person or entity. Their freedom is restricted, and they are treated as property rather than as a human being with rights.

What freedom did enslaved people have or have not?

People who are slaves have no freedom. They are owned by another person and are considered property.