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Definition: A power that must be deemed to exist in order for a particular responsibility to be carried out.

An Example: Regulating Immigration, Acquiring territory, and giving diplomatic recognition to other states.

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Q: What is an example of a inherent power?
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Example of inherent power?

To regulate immigration or to deport aliens are examples of inherent powers.

Establishing diplomatic relations is an example of this type of power?

Inherent Power

What can State governments NOT claim?

In the United States, state governments can claim no inherent powers. The power to control a national border, for example, is an inherent power.

Coin money is example of what power implied power concurrent powers expressed power reserved powers or inherent powers?

expressed power

Which of these is an example of an inherent power given to the national government?

ability for the national government to provide for the defense of the country

Government control of immigration is an example of?

The national government's control of immigration is an example of Inherent Powers. An inherent power is an authority that isn't passed down from anyone else, but which is naturally (inherently) yours. In governments this is often interpreted as the authority to do things that aren't delegated by the constitution or laws to anyone else.

Is the government control over immigration an inherent or concurrent power?


Example of inherent?

To regulate immigration or to deport aliens are examples of inherent powers.

Power to acquire new territory?

Inherent Power

Is the power to license doctors expressed inherent or implied?

Reserved power

What are the three inherent power of the government?

Three inherent powers of government are taxation, education, and criminal justice. Three inherent powers of a state are police power, taxation, and eminent domination.

Nature of Taxation Power?

Inherent power of sovereignty Essentially a legislative function For public purposes Territorial in operation Tax exemption of government The strongest among the inherent powers of the government Subject to Constitutional and inherent limitations