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i think its a Economic map because an economic map focuses on the land uses andnatural resources like precious metals for example gold or jade.

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Q: What is an example of a political map?
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What would be an example of a political feature on a map?

An example of a political feature on a map could be international borders between countries, depicting boundaries and divisions between different political entities.

Which is more likely to change a political map or a physical map?

a political map

What kind of map shows capitals and cities?

a political map

What kind of map shows the boundaries of countries regions states etc?

A political map is one that shows the borders of countries and states.

Where is Rome located on a political map?

Rome is located in Italy on a political map just like on any of the type of map. There are also towns by the name of Rome in various states in the US. For example, Georgia and NY have towns called Rome.

What kind of map shows capitals cities and boundaries?

a political map

What is a legend on a political map?

A legend on a political map is like a map key. It tells what different symbols stand for on the map.

Would a physical map or a political map be most likely to show Florida's counties?

A political map.

What type of map do you use to find the capital of a country?

There are dozens of different types of maps, designed for different purposes. You might use a political map to see the borders of countries, states and counties, and to see the locations of capital cities and seats of various levels of government.

What is apolitical map?

what is a political map

What does political map shows in this map?

A Political Map shows the borders, cities, states, countries, towns, and territories.

What type of map would you use to find the country?

political map I would use a political map as well, but the most accurate map is a globe, even if it is a map of the continuities