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An example of Oligarchy was in South Africa at the time of Apartheid.

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An oligarchy government is when a small group of people has control of the government and country. An example of countries with oligarchy governments are China and North Korea.

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Q: What is an example of oligarchy?
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What is an example of using the word oligarchy in a sentence?

The oligarchy controlled the entire nation.

What is an example of oligrachy?

There is no oligarchy in the modern world. This is the sentence that uses the word oligarchy.

All decision-making power concentrated in a council made up of high-ranking members of the military is an example of?


What is sentence using Oligarchy?

An example of an oligarchy is a society in which a small group of dictators is in charge of the country

Non example of oligarchy?

what are non examples of an oligarchy

What type of Government did the Settlement of Plymouth have?

Colony leaders. Example: A Oligarchy

The racial segregation of apartheid in South Africa was an example of which type of government?


What country was an example of an oligarchy during the mid to late 20th century?

South Africa

What was Corinth's oligarchy?

it was an oligarchy

A system of government which a small group holds power?

Govern. by smalll group of people...oligarchy.

Example of an oligarchy?

if you think that Sparta is an oligarchy, you are wrong. Sparta is unable to have an oligarchy because they have two kings that have no power to the people. kind of like Great Britain. The only difference is that Great Britain has a constitution and Sparta doesn't. An example of an oligarchy is not known at this time. Sparta is also not a monarchy because it has TWO kings instead of one. if i could make up a word for Spartas government... it would be POLARCHY because Sparta has more than one king. when i find out the answer, i will update this answer.

Is Brazil a oligarchy?

no brazil is not a oligarchy