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If people rebel against it.

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Q: What is an illegitimate government?
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Is a government that is elected by the people raises taxes a legitimate or illegitimate?

Legitimate,becausethepeopleelected the government.

What is the opposite of legitimate?

Illegitimate or unlawful.

How legitimate is illegitimate?

Legitimate trade, by definition, is not illegitimate.

What prefix can you put in front of legitimate?


Can an illegitimate child be baptized?

An illegitimate child can be baptized.

How do you pronounce illegitimate?

Illegitimate is pronounced "il-i-jit-uh-mit."

How do you use the word illegitimate in a sentence?

Theft is an illegitimate way to obtain funds. An illegitimate child is one born to parents who are not married.

Is a group of military officers takes over the government of a country legitimate or illegitimate?

of a representative democracy vote to give themselves a pay raise

What is a sentence for the word illegitimate?

The court annulled the company's claim to the farm as illegitimate. Caesar's child with Cleopatra was illegitimate and could not inherit his estate.

Does Tracy mcgrady have an illegitimate child and by whom?

Yes, Tracy McGrady does have an illegitimate child. However, there is no name associated with whom he has an illegitimate child with.

What does illegitimate child mean?

An illegitimate child is a child that is born to a couple that is not married.

Is a government that courts sentences someone to death illegitimate?

Maybe, maybe not. It would require more specifics of the situation than just this to give a better answer.