What is an informal vote?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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an informal vote is a vote where you have scribbled on the ballot paper, mis-numbered the form, or otherwise not voted properly. also called a donkey vote.

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Q: What is an informal vote?
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What is the donkey vote?

a donkey is an informal or improper vote.

What happens to informal votes in Australian election?

A ballot paper which has been incorrectly completed or not filled in at all. Informal votes are not counted towards any candidate but are set aside. This would mean a wasted vote.

A donkey vote is a vote for?

A donkey vote is an informal vote, a vote for nothing. Basically, in a compulsory vote, if someone doesn't want to vote but doesn't want to pay a fine, they do a donkey vote. They may just hand in a blank ballot, or fill it out incorrectly, such as making a mistake and scribbling out their first choice, or writing too many numbers in. They may deface the ballot in some way, which renders it a donkey vote. They may even add their own choice of candidate, e.g. "Mickey Mouse", which also renders the ballot invalid, hence a donkey vote.

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