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Q: What is an old time oath called?
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What is a old time oath?


When was The Time of the Oath created?

The Time of the Oath was created in 1996-03.

Date and time that the president will take the oath?

what time pacific will Obama take his oath

When was The Time of the Oath - song - created?

The Time of the Oath - song - was created in 1996-02.

What is trail by oath?

trail by oath is like personification or figuartive language and in the old days people call it trAIL by oath

What is mild oath called?

It is called just that: a "mild oath". Such things as "Egad!" or "Gosh darnit!" or "Great Jehosophat!".

What time will Obama be given the oath of office?

The oath of office is traditionally taken at noon.

What is lying under oath called?


What is the crime of lying under oath?

When,in court,you swear to tell the truth,the whole truth and nothing but the truth and then tell a lie.

What is a person who refuse to take an oath called?


What was the new name of France at the Tennis court Oath?

France did not change name at the time of the Tennis court oath, in June 1789. But the oath is an historical landmark of the end of the old regime, and a when the monarchy was overthrown three years later, France also adopted the name of "République Française" (French Republic).

On June 20 members of the national assembly met at the royal tennis court and pledged an oath called?

tennis court oath