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Q: What is an order issued against a court to quash its decision called?
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Can a judgment issued in Federal Court be used in a Civil case against the same person?

Yes it can. But as far as it being a slam dunk for the same judgment to be issued, no. Whoever is doing the suing can only use the decision to support their position and maybe buttress their position to influence the decision handed there in the civil court.

What is the official decision of the US Supreme Court called?

The US Supreme Court decision is called the "opinion of the Court," which most often refers to the majority opinion (decision signed by the most justices) on a case. Sometimes, however, the "official decision" may be a "per curiam" ruling (issued unsigned) or a "plurality" (an opinion, often concurring in judgment, endorsed by more justices than the formal "opinion of the Court.").For more information, see Related Questions, below.

What are the decision of the court called?

The explanation for the US Supreme Court's decision is called the opinion.

What is the final court ruling called?

Verdict (typically refers to a jury decision) or judgment(final decision of the court).

What do you call who appeals in apex court against the decision of lower court?

They are known as the APPELLANT.

What is the decision of a jury in a court of law called?

The decision of the jury is called a verdict. The decision of a judge is called her ruling or holding.

What Is a court decree?

A court decree is a court decision made by a judge and made public. This is an official decision that no one can overturn.

The explanation of a Supreme Court decision is called?

Opinion of the court.

What is the document the US Supreme Court makes after making a decision called?

In the Supreme Court, the written decision and legal reasoning for a case is called an Opinion.

What is the decision of most of the justices on the Supreme Court called?

The agreed ruling of more than half of the Supreme Court justices is called a majority decision.

What is a detailed explanation of the legal thinking behind a court decision?

The written legal reasoning behind a court's decision is called an opinion.

What does decision of the court mean?

.... is called a VERDICT (verdicts are rendered by a jury); court decisions are typically called judgements.