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Byzantium, as it was originally called by the Greeks, was renamed Constantinople, which is now Istanbul.

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Q: What is another name for Constinople?
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Where is constinople located?


What is constinople?

Istanbul use to be known as Constantinople

What is the church built by justiniun in constinople?

The Hagia Sophia

What are the 2 bodies of water that border Constinople?

The Bosporus and the Sea of Marmara.

Why was Emperor Alexius I furious when the crusades arrived outside Constantinople?

because they was gonna attack constinople

Who changed the name of constinople?

Istanbul had many names in use at the same time but, with the Turkish Postal Service Law of 28 March 1930, the Turkish authorities formally requested foreigners to adopt Istanbul, a name in existence since the 10th century, as the sole name of the city within their own languages.

What was the impoetance of constantinople?

It was a strategic move of the capital of the roman empire from rome to constinople. The high walls lasted from lots of invasions.

Whats the absolute location of constinople?

You mean constantinople, it is now Instubul and it's absolute location is 41degrees North and 29degrees East.

What new empire was created by the Arab armies defeat of constinople?

Constantinople was not taken by the Arabs. It was taken by the Ottoman Turks who established the Ottoman Empire

Three resons that constinople grew rich and strong?

Because of their location (rich) became the worlds greatest cities it became strong because of the huge wall

What did the roman government do to christians?

it persecuted them them with diocletian, but constanine made the edict of milan and moved the capital to bzyanmtium aka constinople which were major por-christianity moves

What is another name for Agouti?

Another name for an agouti is manicou!