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Another name for a loyalist is Tory. Torries or loyalists were people who remained loyal to England during the Revolutionary war.

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Q: What is another name for Loyalists?
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Another name for the American tories?


Another name for loyalists?


Another name for American tories?


What is another word for loyalists?

law abider is another word for loyalists

Another name for Loyalists was .?

A+ answer: Tories

Which army did loyalists fight for?

The clue to the answer is in the name "loyalists " because they were loyal to the English king.

What did patriots and loyalists favor?

Loyalists remained loyal (hence their name) to the Crown.

Was a loyalist was someone who supported the Colonies during the Revolutionary War?


What other name did the loyalists have?


Another name for a loyalist was?

Loyalists were also called traitors during the revolutionary war and, were commonly tar and feathered when the colonists won the revolutionary war.

Why did loyalists leave America?

Ok if you hated the country you were in and loved another why stay in the one you hate. (loyalists loved Britain and thought Americans were unproper pigs)

What is the name of the early American British supporters?

loyalists or tories