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1) To adjudicate: rule, decide, resolve, or decide.

2) To detemine: evaluate, study, examine, appraise, or consider.


3) judicial official : magistrate, justice, magister, adjudicator, arbiter

4) decider : authority, expert, evaluator, appraiser

*A synonym for judicial ddress is "your honor."

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Judges are individual people serving in all types of jurisdictions and courts. The only thing they may have in common is some education, but even that is not necessarily always true.


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This is for an American History crossword puzzle (19 across)

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Q: What is another name for a judge?
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What another name for judge?

An alternate name for judge is justice, magistrate, or referee.

Is a judge another name for prophet?

Depends On The Type Of Judge

What is another name for a sports adjudicator?

A judge !

What is another name for a judge's chambers?

It might be the COURT . i think so....

What is another name for King David?

Yadel or Yadan, the hand of God or God will judge

What is another name for the climax of a story?

the famous storys names :: - judge dread - casper the freindly ghost

What is another name for the supreme court?

Another name for the supreme court is the highest court or the highest judicial body in a country.

What is the birth name of Christopher Judge?

Christopher Judge's birth name is Douglas Christopher Judge.

What is the birth name of Mychal Judge?

Mychal Judge's birth name is Michael F. Judge.

What is the another name of Gideon in the book of Judges in the Holy Bible?

In the Book of Judges in the Holy bible, another name for Gideon is Gedeon. He was a judge of the Hebrew people and his name meant mighty warrior, destroyer or feller of trees. ANSWER: Another name for Gideon is Jerubbaal (Judges 6:32).

What is the title for a retired judge?

A retired judge is commonly referred to as a "retired judge." They may also be addressed as "former judge" or simply by their title, such as "Judge [Last Name]."

How do you properly address a Judge?

The Honorable [first name] [last name] or Judge [first name] [last name] Speaking to the Judge in person, use Your Honor.