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* 1 Section 1: President and Vice President ** 1.1 Clause 1: Executive power ** 1.2 Clause 2: Method of choosing electors ** 1.3 Clause 3: Electors ** 1.4 Clause 4: Election day ** 1.5 Clause 5: Qualifications for office ** 1.6 Clause 6: Vacancy and Disability ** 1.7 Clause 7: Salary ** 1.8 Clause 8: Oath or Affirmation * 2 Section 2: Presidential Powers ** 2.1 Clause 1: Command of military; Opinions of cabinet secretaries; Pardons ** 2.2 Clause 2: Advice and Consent Clause *** 2.2.1 Treaties *** 2.2.2 Appointments ** 2.3 Clause 3: Recess appointments * 3 Section 3: Presidential responsibilities ** 3.1 Clause 1: State of the Union ** 3.2 Clause 2: Calling Congress into extraordinary session; adjourning them ** 3.3 Clause 3: Receiving foreign representatives ** 3.4 Clause 4: Caring for the faithful execution of the law ** 3.5 Clause 5: Officers' Commission ** 3.6 Executive Privilege: A missing clause? * 4 Section 4: Impeachment * 5 References * 6 External links

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Article Two of the United States Constitution is where the executive branch of government is established. It outlines things such as the qualifications needed to become president, as well as the responsibilities of the president.

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You are referring to the "Separation of Powers Clause". This is another example of the over-reaching of the federal government in modern times. There are now countless agencies in the federal government (EPA, Commerce Commission, Department of Energy, etc.) which wield the power of all three branches by unelected bureaucrats. They create rules (legislative), enforce those rules (executive), and you even appeal their findings to them (judicial). This is in clear violation of article 2 of the constitution.

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The Executive Branch

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Q: What is another name for article 2 of the constitution?
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What is article 2 of the constitution known as?

Article 2 of the Constitution is known as the Executive Branch.

What is the topic of Article 2 in the constitution?

The topic of article 2 in the constitution is about the Executive branch.

Is article 2 of the constitution deal largely with the congress?

no there is no article 2

What section of the Constitution outlines the structure of the judicial branch of government?

Article III

The duties of the president and vice president are discussed in which article of the Constitution?

It is in Article Two of the United States Constitution where the powers of the President and Vice President are laid out. The article deals with the executive branch in general.

Which Article of the Constitution defines the duties of the president?

Article 2 ll

Which article of the constitution are the duties of the president and the Vice President discussed?

article 2 section 2 yahhh!!!! constitution test comin up!!!!!!

All state and federal officials are under oath to support the constitution?

Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution. -George Silebi

What does Article 2 Section 8 of US Constitution provide?

There is no Article 2 Section 8

What does article 2 section 2 means?

what does article 3 section2 of the U.S constitution mean?

The Presidency and the President's Cabinet is defined in what article of the Constitution?

Article Two (2) of the great constitution of our great country the United States of America

What article sanctioned?

article 2 did because it was in the constitution and cofederation luv nedagrl