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Congress IS the legislative branch. It is made up of two houses. The Senate and the House of Representatives . Together they are Congress.

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chamber A+

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Q: What is another term for house of legislature in Congress's?
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What term is defined as on one house legislature?


What term referes to a two house legislature?


What is meant by the term 'bicameral legislature' and what form does it take at a Commonwealth level?

A bicameral legislature is composed of two-chambers, usually termed the lower house and upper house.

How long is the senator in the lower house of Vermont's state legislature term?

Two years with no term limits.

What term is defined as a one house ligestrature?

A unicameral legislature is a system where the country's legislative body has only one chamber or house, as opposed to a bicameral legislature, which has two separate chambers.

The US Congress is made up of the House and the Senate What term describes this kind of legislature?


Was the continental congress unicameral?

Unicameral is a term used in government for a legislature that has one house. This was the structure of the Continental Congress in the 1700s.

What term refers to a one term legislature?


The US Congress is made up of the House and the SenateWhat term describes this kind of legislature?

bicameral. (bi + Latin camera meaning chamber)

What is the states term lengths for state legislatures?

Every member of the legislature, both House and Senate, faces election every two years.

What is Another term for country house?

Another term for a country house is a manor house. Years ago, manor houses were built surrounded by a boat and drawbridge and inside the main feature was a great hall.

Did Abraham Lincoln hold other government positions before becoming president?

He was a member of the Illinois legislature, and a one-term member of the US House of Representatives. He ran for the Senate unsuccessfully against Douglas.