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I believe that is when the federal government takes on the debts of a state(s) in order to better manage/pay it off.

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Q: What is assumption of state debt?
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Who opposed assumption of state depts?

Madison, Viriginia, any state that had already paid off most of their debt

What is the Assumption Bill?

A bill passed in 1789 by the federal government. It made the Hamilton Design possible, by making each individual state debt, national debt

Why did the southerners finally agree to support debt assumption?

federal aid

What compromise was reached concerning assumption of state debts and the site of the nations's capital?

Assumption Compromise

Is wife responsible for debts of deceased husband in the state of Ohio?

The estate has the responsibility. And the assumption is that the wife inherits at least half, if not all, of the husband's assets. But the estate has to liquidate all assets before they can transfer them to the spouse. One way or another, the spouse really ends up paying the debt. If there is more debt then assets, the debt will normally be closed out.

Where do i state an assumption?

It is generally best to state your assumptions right at the beginning.

If you move from one state to another but the in the state you previously lived in owe a debt does that statute of limitations for that debt change to the limitations of the state you move to?

No, the SOL is based on the state where the debt occurred. Moving to another state makes no difference.

What were Washingtons precedents?

A Presidential Cabinet, an Assumption of Debt, Neutrality,( which includes treaties, and neutrality meaning avoiding war with Europe.)

What is the statute of limitation for debt if you move from one state to another?

The statute of limitations for debt varies by state and type of debt. Generally, the statute of limitations is based on the state where the debt was originally incurred. If you move to a state with a shorter statute of limitations, it does not shorten the time frame for collecting the debt. Be sure to check the specific laws in both states to understand your rights.

What are the release dates for Assumption - 2006?

Assumption - 2006 was released on: USA: 1 April 2006 (Garden State Film Festival)

What is the statute of limitations for debt?

SOL's for debt are established by state law, therefore they vary as to the length of time for different types of debt. Search: " Name of state (example: California) Statutes of Limitations for debt".

Can an out of state debt collector sue you?

Yes, an out of state debt collector can sue you. Many debt collection agencies collect for companies located all over the country.