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Well, Catholics are Christians. The word "better" makes the question very subjective and will change depending on who you ask. A Catholic will say it is better to be a Catholic but being a Christian who is not Catholic is the next best thing while a Christian who is not Catholic will say the opposite.

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Q: What is better being christians or chatolics?
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== == -grace walker age 8

Why is spiritually dangerous to be amused at non-christians?

Christians should be humble not supercilious. Your fellow human beings are all Gods creations whether or not they are Christians. Being a Christian does snot make you any better than them it means that you should serve them as Christ did.

How come Christians act as if there better than the rest of us?

Christians should not act "better" if you mean being "stuck up", Christians should try to act like Jesus did, a servant of all. Light of the World. Even though He was God in the Flesh he humbled himself as a servant. So either this is a misperception on your part, or you know Christians that are not behaving properly. Remember we are all Human, and make mistakes.

Who were put to death by the Romans for being Christians?

Umm. Christians?

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In Serbia, Christmas is celebrated on January 7.

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Italy took over the eastern side but then the chatolics took it back again.

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AnswerChristians are not persecuted for being Christians in either Israel or the Palestinian territories. Arguably, Christian Arabs may be discriminated against for their ethnicity, but not for being Christians.

What holy scripts do Christianity have?

Christianity, or Christians, don't have any holy scripts. They don't place themselves above other people or think they are better. They have the bible that they use as a guide to their actions and lifestyle, But Christians, the true bible believing Christians, believe in loving God and being loved by God, and sharing that with everyone. That's all.

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Most Christians prefer Flyleaf better. It's basically opinion.

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Animals do not embrace religion of human being. Therefore, tagging dinosaurs as Christians is not proper.

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its a run about- Christians today are facing similar problems the Christians in Paul's time. Being faithful to god is the only path salvation.

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