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The leader is known as a Sachem or Sagamore.

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Q: What is chief or ruler of a Narragansett territory?
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Shawnee chief who fought to keep all white men out of Indian territory?

Tecumseh was the Shawnee chief who fought against the United States in the Tecumseh's War of 1811 to keep them out of Indian territory. This chief also fought on the side of the British in the War of 1812.

What type of Indians were there?

The type of Indians that were in the colonies include the Wampanoag's and Narragansett's. Other tribes include the Algonquin's and Powhatan.

In first nation culture what is a Headman?

an advisor to the king, usually ruler of a clan or a village, yet inferior to the king and still superior to the chief and village people. Kinda like the manager of a shop and not the owner or the customer

In the state government who is the leader of the state?

The leader of the state governments in Australia is given the title of "Premier".Current state Premiers in Australia, as of 2013 are:Premier of New South Wales - Barry O'FarrellPremier of Victoria - Denis NapthinePremier of Queensland - Campbell NewmanPremier of South Australia - Jay WeatherillPremier of Western Australia - Colin BarnettPremier of Tasmania - Lara GiddingsThe Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory do not have Premiers, but a Chief Minister. The chief Minister in the Northern Territory is Adam Giles and the Chief Minister of the ACT is Katy Gallagher.

What are seven major responsibilities of the President of the US?

Chief of State, Commander in Chief, Chief of Diplomat, Chief Executive, Chief Legislature, Chief of Party, and Chief Guardian of the Economy

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What is a chief for ruler of a Narragansett?

Chief or ruler of a Narragansett territory

Who helped captain John Smith and the colonist?


What is the maori word for ruler?

Ruler, as in chief, is 'Ariki' or 'Rangatira'. Ruler, as in a measuring device, is 'Ruri'.

Who is the current premier of The Northern Territory?

The Northern Territory does not have a premier. The Chief Minister of the Northern Territory holds a similar position to that of the state premier. The first Chief Minister was Paul Everingham.

Who are Australia's territory premiers?

Only the six states of Australia have premiers. The two territories, Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory, do not have Premiers, but a Chief Minister. The Chief Minister in the Northern Territory is Adam Giles and the Chief Minister of the ACT is Katy Gallagher.

Where is the Narragansett Public Library in Narragansett located?

The address of the Narragansett Public Library is: 35 Kingstown Road, Narragansett, 02882 3308

Who is the governor of northern territory?

The Northern territory doesn't have a governor, But the have a chief Minister, If you were looking for the Chief Minister then That is Paul Henderson

Chief god and ruler of the Æsir?


In the shang civilization anyang was the what?

chief ruler

In the Shang civilation anyang was the?

chief ruler

Did the Narragansett trade with the colonists?

Yes, they took the slaves to the new england colonies.

Is a sachem a Narragansett ruler?

Yes, a sachem is a title used to refer to a leader or chief among certain Native American groups, including the Narragansett tribe. Sachems were responsible for making decisions, settling disputes, and representing their people in dealings with other tribes or colonial powers.