What is communal family?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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what is communal family

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Q: What is communal family?
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Definition of communal family?

a communal family is a family that is a community and they are living under the sane roof and using the saeme facilitites. They all have to obey eachother or they have to move out, that is their religion. whoever disobeys this get burnt at the stake. hopefully i've helped you xo

Family table service?

Family style means passing a communal serving dish for each item.

Table service for family comprises what?

Family service is usually from a communal serving dish . Some restaurants still serve Family style and have a prix-fixe, limited menu .

Sentennce with communal?

communal is something in common

What is Communication sharing?

communal sharing is an arrangement by which everyone in the family autonomy eat, do or think according too need or desire.

Is a giraffe solitary or communal?

Communal. It lives with others.

What a sentence for communal?

Building the playground was a communal project.

How would communal be used in a sentence?

the building was communal

What is a communal family?

A Communal Family occurs when a group of families join together, share human and nonhuman resources and look after each other 's children as if they were their own. They often share common religious and moral beliefs, which guides them in their everyday living. All families own the property they live on and again, share in the maintenance and finances. :)

Can you give a sentence for the word communal?

i live in a communal area

What are advantages and disadvantages of communal harmony?

advantages of communal harmony

What are family life like in Ukraine?

Some family life in the Ukraine is communal living. This is generations of family living together in shared housing. There is also smaller families that are nuclear families consisting of father, mother, and children.