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a state of extreme narcicism and, where your offended by everything. A state that is determined by certain shizoid and hysterical personalities, as well as anti-social personal7ities

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Q: What is constitutional psychopathy?
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Can psychopathy be treated?

Primary psychopathy cannot be treated, secondary psychopathy can be treated.

How does someone get psychopathy?

Primary psychopathy begins in the womb, secondary psychopathy is a result of surroundings, trauma, etc.

How does psychopathy begin?

Primary psychopathy begins in the womb, secondary psychopathy is usually a result of surroundings, trauma, etc.

What are the causes of psychopathy?

Scientists continue to debate over the causes of psychopathy; however, they suggest psychopathy can stem from either an individual's DNA or social environment.

What actors and actresses appeared in Psychopathy - 2011?

The cast of Psychopathy - 2011 includes: Shannon Lynette as Carrie

What causes psychopathy?

There are varies causes psychopathy. In most cases, this is believed to be caused antisocial behavior which is characterized by lack of empathy and callousness among other attributes.

What is the number 1 motive for stealing?

Greed and psychopathy.

Are psychopaths allowed to research and treat psychopathy professionally?


How does psychopathy develop according to the Psychoanalytic theory?

Psychopathy develops due to developmental defects, such as attachment disorder, low self esteem, under arousal, and non existent aniexty, grandiose etc.

What is it called when a person takes pleasure in watching women die by asphyxiation?


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They recently released a single, Psychopathy Red.

Psychopathy in relation with other character disoders?

The question is meaningless. Please re-phrase it.