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"Constitution review" most likely refers to the courts' power of judicial review. For more information about judicial review, see Related Questions, below.

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Q: What is constitutional review?
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How do you think the right to constitutional remedies connects to the judicial review?

How do you think the Right to Constitutional Remedies connects to the idea of ... the process of judicial review, in which the federal courts review statutes.

What country does not have a court that exercises constitutional review?


What was the gist of the constitutional issues over judicial review?


What has the author Peter Bayne written?

Peter Bayne has written: 'Martin Luther' 'Constitutional review jurisdiction in Papua New Guinea' -- subject(s): Judicial review, Jurisdiction, Constitutional law

Which constitutional principle does judicial review reflect?

Judicial review is the doctrine under which legislative and executive actions are subject to review (and possible invalidation) by the judiciary

How did the Marshall court interpret the constitutional in its rulings?

The principle of judicial review.

How Does judicial review really strengthen the constitutional principle of checks and balances or not justify your answer?

Yes. Because they have the power to decide laws of the congress.

Why is judicial review important?

Judicial review is important because laws passed need to be checked to make sure they are constitutional. This review is performed by members of the Supreme Court

What is the ability of the courts to examine laws to determine if the law is constitutional?

Judicial Review

What is the supremes court power called to decide what is constitutional called?

Judicial Review.

Which constitutional principle was established with Marbury V. Madison 1803?

Judicial review

What is jurisdictional review?

Jurisdictional review empowers ordinary or special courts to nullify both legislation and executive acts that contravene the Constitution. It stabalizes and limits democracy (from a political point of view) There are two kinds of Judicial Review: Abstract Review --> Only used by a Constitutional Court. This review is an advisory but binding opinion on a proposed law Concrete Review --> Used by the Supreme Court as by the Constitutional Court and arises in the context of a specific case.