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Q: What is criteria of social development in human development?
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What are the principle of human development?

The four principles of human development are social, cognitive, emotional, and physical.

What is the study of human social behavior especially the study of origins organizations institutions and development of human society?

The study of human social behavior, including the origins, organizations, institutions, and development of human society, is known as sociology. Sociology examines how individuals interact within groups, how societies are structured, and how social institutions shape human behavior. It aims to understand social phenomena and patterns to explain and predict human behavior in social contexts.

What are the dimensions of the human development?

social,economic,personal andpolitical

What is the role of social leaders in the development of India?

corruption Social leaders have played a big role in fighting for human rights in the development of India

What are the four major areas of human development?

The four major areas of human development are physical development, intellectual development, social development, and emotional development. There is also moral development, but they say that it's not listed under the main areas of development.

What is the civillazation?

The most advanced stage of human social development and organization.

What are the three basic areas of human development?

The three basic areas of human development are physical development, cognitive development, and social-emotional development. Physical development involves changes in the body and brain, cognitive development refers to mental processes like reasoning and problem-solving, and social-emotional development includes relationships with others and emotional well-being.

What is the difference between social cohesion and human development?

Whilst social cohesion is about the sharing of culture and living together of a certain group, human development is about advancing in whatever it is man needs. It is certainly not mandatory to develop only in a group, human development may be very individual and can therefore not be compared to social cohesion, for the latter one is never individual.

What the aspects of human development?

i don't know!! HAhah

What is a civlization?

the stage of human social development and organization that is considered most advanced.

What the relationship between social policy and social development?

Social policies are guidelines, principles, legislation and activities that affect living conditions and human welfare. This has helped benefit social development by having these guidelines to live and grow by.

Factors which are responsible for development of human resource planning?

Social organization and human capital are the factors that are responsible for human resource planning.