What is democide?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Democide is when a person/people are killed by the government.

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Q: What is democide?
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What is the leading cause of death around the world?

the leading cause of death in the world is DEMOCIDE. Democide is death via government. It is estimated to have killed more then 750 million people.

How did things happen in cambodia while the genocide was going on?

It is unclear exactly what the question is asking. There was nothing major going on in Cambodia other than the genocide. The Cambodian genocide is actually a democide, not a genocide, which means that it was government sanctioned killing of citizens, but these citizens were not chosen on the basis of their race, religion, age, sexual orientation, etc. The democide came as a result of massive communal farms and the repetitive murder of those who resisted farming or failed to meet the quotas. These massive communal farms covered the majority of the country and entire cities were depopulated in order to work the fields. Those people who remained in the cities were typically there because they were part of the Cambodian bureaucracy and were necessary to run the country.

Why did the actions of the Khmer Rouge not fit the classic definition of genocide?

The Khmer Rouge committed the "Cambodian Genocide", but the name is a misnomer and the reason for this is specifically why it does not fit the classic definition of a genocide. The elimination of over 1.5 million Cambodians is more properly called the "Cambodian Democide". The distinction is that a genocide is a specific targeting of a group for extermination based on some inherent characteristic (race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, political leanings, etc.). The Khmer Rouge killed anyone who disagreed with the aims of the regime or was unable to comply with the arbitrary and ridiculous standards required by the regime. Therefore, their actions do not target a specific group and are not a genocide. A democide is simply mass killing performed intentionally by a regime, without regard to inherent characteristics.

What groups were killed in the cambodian genocide?

The Cambodian genocide is not a proper genocide, but rather a democide, where the government kills citizens irrespective of their race, religion, or other defining aspect. However, since the democide resulated from the creation of massive rice paddies and unrealistic quotas, the first to die en masse were usually educated people from the cities. Additionally, the political dissidents who opposed this plan were also educated. Therefore the educated, city elites were most devastatingly hit as a group, but it was not "intended" that way. hundreds of thousands of very poor Cambodians also were tortured and murdered. Also, Khmer (the dominant ethnic group in Cambodia) were just as often targeted (per capita) as ethnic minorities.

What was before the North Korea genocide?

There is no currently agreed upon event called "the North Korean genocide". If you are talking about the repressive actions of the Kim Dynasty, which are properly considered a democide and not a genocide, it would be accurate to say that Kim Il-Sung inherited power from a peaceful transition from the Soviet-occupied portion of Korea. The Soviets occupied northern Korea from 1945-1948. Prior to this, it had been part of the Japanese colony of Korea which included the whole peninsula and was ruled from 1905-1945 (although only formally constituted from 1910 onwards).

What is the meaning of ethnic genocide?

Genocide is the killing of an entire group of people based on some commonality such as religion or nationality. . Ethnic genocide is the killing of a group of people based on their ethnicity, or racial extraction.

Did any countries get involved to help cambodian genocide?

Most countries were quite aware that the Cambodian democide was going on; they simply did not care to intervene. The US justified its non-intervention by citing exhaustion after the Vietnam War. Ultimately, it was Vietnam that invaded Cambodia and overthrew Pol Pot, ending the Cambodian democide.

Why did the US and England not work to get the Jewish people away from the killing camps?

This happened for the same reason that these countries did nothing during the Armenian Genocide, the Rwandan Genocide, the Cambodian Genocide/Democide, the Holdomir, the Anfal Campaign, and other genocides. It did not rank high on the priorities of the United States and the United Kingdom to commit their soldiers and their forces to protecting citizens of foreign countries whose countries were slaughtering them. This does not make the United States or the United Kingdom worse than any other country, just the same. In particular as concerns the Jews and Romani, Anti-Semitism and Gypsy hatred in these countries was quite high during that time period. While neither the UK or the USA would have exterminate the Jews or Romani themselves, there would be no significant popular support for sending young Christian lads in defense of these non-Christian people.

Who leads atheism?

Atheism is the rejection of all currently made god claims. Just like Theism, it is an umbrella category for an incredible variety of different ideologies and moral systems. Just like there is no one leader for Theism -- there are actually leaders of different branches of Theism and there are branches of Theism that are more Congregationalist or Individualist -- the same is true of Atheism.There are numerous categories of Atheists who add belief systems to create a moral system since the religious moral system is no longer applicable. Some of these groups include:1) Rationalist Skeptics: The most prominent type of Atheists today are Rationalist Skeptics who believe that empirical results and the scientific method can be used to determine whether something is true or false and that information can be plugged into some sort of utilitarian system in order to determine its morality. These Atheists tend to have a more individualist attitude, but rally around particular individuals who they argue are advocates of the movement. These leaders include, but are not limited to: Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Matt Dillahunty, Aron Ra, and Maryam Namazie. Rationalist Skeptics, like most Theists will disagree with these leaders on particular aspects of policy, such as Hitchens's endorsement of the Iraq War, but will generally agree with the world view provided.2) State-Religionists: Another type of Atheists are the State-Religionists, who believe in the validity of the founding ideals of a state or a political system as being the arbiter of moral justice. State-Religionists are usually termed as "nationalists" or "patriots" and have been behind most of the major democides of the 20th century, the Soviet democide, the Chinese democide, the Cambodian democide, etc. The leaders of State-Religion are usually the leaders of the state, who often have a quasi-divine sheen to them. Stalin, Mao, Ataturk, etc. are the leaders of these State-Religions and the Atheists who follow them allow the morality of these leaders to supersede their own. North Korea's Juche is often considered to be a state-religion which has actually crossed back into a Theistic Faith since it actually deifies Kim Il-Sung and his progeny.3) Apatheism: Still another type of Atheist is the Apatheist, which is person who does not believe in gods because he or she does not care to investigate the question, seeing it as irrelevant. The largest number of Apatheists are Atheist Buddhists, since the Buddha was himself an Apatheist according to his own writings. Apatheists often have a spiritualist philosophy and will point to a philosopher or theologian in the Eastern tradition (a guru, Buddha, Lao-Tzu, etc.) as their source of ethics or moral principles. Since most of these people are not alive anymore, their leadership is emotional or articulated, not current.

Are there atheist churches?

No. Atheism is not a religion, it is a term to describe those who don't believe in a supernatural being or beings. Many atheists follow a similar moral code but this differs among individuals.

Was Mao Zedong evil or incompetent?

If my choices are simply those two, I would say that Mao was more evil than incompetent, but he was certainly both, to the extent that those terms have meaning. Incompetence is rather easy to define, e.g. it is failing to have the skills and performance necessary to adequately perform the job. Evil is much more difficult to define, with the ideas of good and evil being amorphous and personally dependent. If we take the definition of evil to mean "desiring to perform objectives that the majority of people would deem harmful to other people", then my statement stands.Mao definitely showed levels of incompetence as regards the management of China's command economy, but far more evil in promoting the Cultural Revolution through the formation of a totalitarian government, creating systems of snitching, and developing a cultural context for China where all uniqueness and individuality were criminalized and tortured. The Cultural Revolution in China was responsible for the largest democide in world history, 80 million Chinese died, through a system designed by Mao to intentionally homogenize China.

What were Hitler's misdeeds?

All the other political parties were suppresed by hitler and his political allies.He made all the trade unions dissolve and the leaders were arrested and sent to concentration camps.He banned the system of marriage between non jewish and jewish.Any aryans who were in contact with jews were arrested and punished. Lakhs and lakhs of people who were physically and mentally unfit, jews,polish civilians gypsies and those who opposed Hitler and his views were sent to gas chambers and concentration camps.He made the poles to leave their homes and properties behind to be occupied by ethnic germans.Cruel among this all were the holocaust.