What is devistation?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Devastation refers to a severe destruction or great damage. It could also mean a state of overwhelming shock or grief over something.

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Q: What is devistation?
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What does devistation?


What were the affects of the Battle Of Midway?

There was great devistation.

In 1998 a hurricane mitch caused massive devistation here?

In Central America, particularly Honduras.

What states experienced devistation because of the dust bowl?

Colorado, Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico

What would happen if a 1-kilometer object struck Earth?

If a 1-kilometer object struck Earth, it would likely result in catastrophic damage on a global scale. The impact would release enormous amounts of energy, causing widespread destruction, tsunamis, and potentially leading to significant climate changes due to the dust and debris launched into the atmosphere. It could also trigger mass extinctions and alter the Earth's geological features.

What causes and effects do tornadoes make?

Tornadoes are caused by intense thunderstorms with strong winds that rotate. When a tornado hits an area, it can cause devastation by destroying homes, buildings, and infrastructure. Additionally, tornadoes can result in injuries or fatalities and leave behind a path of destruction that takes time and resources to recover from.

Why do earthquakes impact economically strained areas on earth more?

earthquakes are always happening. The devistation is because the structures are not built well, hence the disaster.

What does wreaked means?

havoc means devistation do you dev-as-tation? devastationThe word havoc is a noun and means destruction, confusion, and disorder. This word originated in the 15th century.

Why is rhyming so important for reading?

because of this, The caterpillar upside down where devistation lastnight dozers on the flowing too much road and water. ,,, Wow! that's hard to read at normal speed.

What are the causes and effects of unemployment in Zambia?

The cause of Zambia's economic devistation is when copper prices plummeted they lost a major portion of export income. By the 1970's they were the 4th largest producer of copper.

What does devistating mean?

Devastated means totally disappointed. It means that a person might be so overwhelmed with grief that they cannot function normally. Devastated can mean totally destroyed, as in the wake of a tornado.

A rich and powerful person?

Oprah.... We all know shes rich, but that show of hers has some real power over the American public. Did you see the mass devistation when it came out that Oprah was ending her 25 year show