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Compare, means to take two or more items, and look at how different or similar they are, either by how they are made, what they contain etc.

Contrast is virtually the same except that it can be used artistically, eg the difference between dark and light shades is contrast....gosh isn't English difficult !!

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Q: What is difference between compare and contrast?
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What is the difference between a groyne and a seawall?

Compare and contrast seawalls and groins

In a compare-and-contrast essay what do compare and contrast mean?

Compare: Explain how two or more things are the same. Contrast : Explain how two or more things are different.

Compare and contrast the support systems of cicadas and sea urchins?

The difference between cicadas and see urchin is their back bone.

How do you compare and contrast triangles and a quadrilateral?

compare and contrast between triangles and a trapezoid

Which type of oranizational statgy presents similarities and difference between two or more items?

compare and contrast

What is the meaning of contrast and comparison?

to compare things are also show their differences(this is commonly shown but not really thought of about)

A compare and contrast essay might have the purpose of?

A compare and contrast essay's purpose is to analyze the difference and similarities of two subjects.

What does compare and contrast means?

compare and contrast mean the equalities and differences between what you are comparing and contrasting.

Compare and contrast abrasion and deflation?

I don't know the difference.

Compare and contrast between cost accounting and financial accounting?

compare and contrast cost accounting and financial accounting

How would you compare and contrast the communative and associate property?

i would say thre will be no difference between the two the only thing is that you have to know what to do with the two

Why is compare and contrast essay argumentative?

Well, it is argumentative because, when you compare and contrast you do that for a reason....its either to prove something or come up with facts to prove something. You compare and contrast to see what is similar and different, you see what is the difference and make opinions from there.