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In my sociology class I learned that cultural assimilation is when individuals from one culture adopt aspects of a new dominant culture. (religion/language/norms) For example, a Japanese man new to the US must culturally assimilate himself in society by learning English.

Structural assimilation is when an ethnic group is fully incorporated into a society--they have equal access to institutions (government, education, etc). For example, African American's holding positions of authority in the US means that they are structurally assimilated.

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Q: What is difference between cultural assimilation and structural assimilation?
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What is difference between cultural assimilation and cultural adoption?

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The difference between acculturation and assimilation?

Acculturation is the process by which we come accustom to another culture over time and eventually adopt it as our own. Assimilation is the merging of cultural traits from previously distinct cultural groups.

Relationship between multiculturalism and cultural assimilation?

there is no direct relationship. they are antithetical.

What is the difference between pluralism and assimilation?

Pluralism is the coexistence of different cultural or ethnic groups within a society, each maintaining its own identity and traditions. Assimilation, on the other hand, is the process by which individuals from different cultural backgrounds adopt the dominant culture of the society they are in, often leading to a loss of their original cultural identity.

What is secondary structural assimilation?

Secondary assimilation is the extent of interaction between members of minority and majority groups in less intimate settings, such as educational, work, etc

Difference between assimilation and true integration?

Assimilation involves conforming to the dominant culture, often at the expense of one's own cultural identity. True integration, on the other hand, entails embracing different cultures in a way that respects and values diversity while fostering understanding and cooperation among them. Integration promotes inclusivity, while assimilation can lead to cultural erasure.

What is the difference between the term cultural and cultural?

If you would, for instance, read a dictionary, such as the "Webster's Student's Dictionary, you will find that the difference between cultural and cultural is basically nonexistent.

What is the difference between assimilation and enculturation?

Assimilation refers to the process of an individual adopting the cultural norms and practices of a new culture, often after moving to a new country or region. Enculturation, on the other hand, is the process by which individuals learn and internalize the cultural norms and values of their own society from a young age through socialization and interaction with others. Essentially, assimilation involves adapting to a new culture, while enculturation involves learning and internalizing the culture in which one is raised.

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What is the difference between appropriation and assimilation?

Appropriation involves taking and using elements from another culture without permission or understanding, often leading to cultural misrepresentation or disrespect. Assimilation, on the other hand, refers to the process of a minority group adopting the dominant culture's customs, beliefs, and practices to fit in or be accepted.

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