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Interstate commerce is business that takes place in two or more states, like crossing from New Jersey into New York, or making something in one state but selling it in another state (or states.) Intrastate commerce means that only one state is involved. This is simpler in terms of regulations (California has different car emission standards than some other states) and taxation.

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Q: What is difference between instrastate commerce and interstate commeerce?
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Difference between interstate commerce and interstate commerce?

There isnt a difference between interstate commerce and interstate commerce.

Difference between intrastate commerce and interstate commerce?

Intrastate commerce is that business that is conducted between business entities that exist within the same state, while interstate commerce is that which is conducted between businesses located in differing states.

When was Interstate Commerce Commission created?

President Grover Cleveland signed the Interstate Commerce Act of 1887 and created the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC), the U.S. government's first regulatory agency

What year did the interstate commerce commission start?

The Interstate Commerce Commission started on February 4, 1887.

What was the first independent federal regulatory agency?

Interstate commerce commission

What is the control of commerce between states called?

Interstate Commerce

True or false when state regulations impinge on interstate commerce commerce must yield to the regulations?

When state regulation negatively affect interstate commerce, commerce must yield to the regulations.

Does Tennessee have interstate commerce with Illinois concerning inmates?

Yes. All states in the US have Interstate Commerce with all others.

How do you use interstate commerce in a sentence?

The federal government has the right to regulate motor carriers because they are involved in interstate commerce.

Has the power to regulate interstate commerce?

Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution assigns that authority to Congress in the "Interstate Commerce Clause."

Who has the Power to Regulate Interstate Commerce?

Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution assigns that authority to Congress in the "Interstate Commerce Clause."

What agency licenses and regulates all railroads?

The regulatory body in the US is the Interstate Commerce Commission.