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Discretionary is a word used to describe the quality of behaving in a way that causes offense to someone else. It also can describe when someone reveals private information about someone else.

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The expectation that a company will voluntarily serve a social role beyond its economic, legal, and ethical responsibilities.

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Q: What is discretionary responsibility?
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What are the Types of social responsibility?

Economic Legal Ethical Discretionary

What are the four levels of social responsibility in an organization?

1.Economic Responsibility;2. Legal Responsibility;3.Ethical Responsibility; &4.Discretionary Responsibility;

How is discretionary income calculated?

Discretionary income is calculated by taking your gross income minus your expenses and what you are left with is discretionary income. Most Americans do not have a large amount of discretionary income.

What are discretionary powers of branch managers?

business discretionary powers

What is a discretionary user?

Discretionary user lay between expert and novice users

Example of discretionary spending?

There are a great many examples in the world of discretionary spending. Discretionary spending can be as simple as choosing whether you want to spend your money on ice cream.

What portion of discretionary spending is typically spent on?

The portion of discretionary spending typically spent on defense varies. If a country is at war, the discretionary spending percentage will be higher for defense.

Discretionary project vs non-discretionary project?

Projects where management has a choice in implementing them are called discretionary projects. Projects where no choice exists are called nondiscretionary projects.

How do households spend most of their discretionary income?

Households spend most of their discretionary income on consumption.

How do you use the word discretionary in a sentence?

Option - as the right to enter or not to enter into a contract - is a discretionary act.

What dose discretionary mean?

At your Discretion. It's your choice. Example: on a restaurant bill 'Tips discretionary'

What is discretionary project?

Discretionary project is a project in which management can made its option on the subject they want to implement.