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gold coast

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Q: What is east of ivory coast that is know for its gold mines?
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What country in Africa is known for its gold mines east of the Ivory coast?

Ghana is known for its gold mines east of the Ivory Coast in Africa. It is one of the top gold producers in the region and has a long history of gold mining.

What goods did Zimbabwe supply to the East African coast?

They supplied the East African coast with gold, copper, and ivory

Which country is east of the Ivory Coast?

Liberia Ghana, known in colonial times as the Gold Coast. Surely Google Maps could have told you this? Ghana Ghana, Africa

What is the most important industry in Gold Coast?

Probably salt mines or gold mines but most gold was removed during the renaissance. Also fishing is a big factor.

If you are a gold digger where would you like to live in?

mines in the east

What country has gold manganese and diamond deposists in West Africa?

South Africa Indonesia is home to the world's biggest gold mine while South Africa, which houses the majority of the deepest mines in the world, also hosts two of the top 10 largest gold mines. See related link

How did Nubia grow in wealth and power?

It traded with Egypt.

What is the Great Sandy Region on Australia's east coast?

Gold Coast

What part of Africa is Nigeria in?

Nigeria is in the "armpit" of Africa. It's located between Benin and Cameroon on the west coast about midway down where the continent bends southward after heading east from the Ivory and Gold coasts.

What mines did gold come from?

The mines where you get gold are usually called "gold mines".

Who were the first Europeans to set up forts along the coast of Tanzania and trade gold ivory and slaves?


Where is the best place to prospect for gold on the east coast?

Georgia has a fair amount of gold.