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Equitable income distribution is the concept or idea of fairness in taxation and welfare. It can refer to equal life chances regardless of identity, to provide all citizens with a basic and equal minimum of income, goods, and services or to increase funds and commitment for redistribution.

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Q: What is equal distribution of wealth?
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What is meant by phrase distribution of wealth?

it is the distribution of money and wealth

Why does America not have a more equal distribution of wealth among its people?

Because there is the upper class who are in those positions. This also could be caused by the money inherited and the fear of losing it. Many believe that to keep it a middle class and lower class must exist to indulge those in power.ALTERNATE ANSWER:America does not have a more equal distribution of wealth among its people because distributing wealth more equally is not the will of its people. N.B.: Financial wealth distribution is a function of the politically permitted marketplace. The American government [the will of the people] permits its citizens to fend financially for themselves, individually or collectively, in the producing, trading, buying, and selling of goods and service wares. Since individual and collective financial performances vary, their resulting wealths are distributed in proportionate variance.Because the voting public is ignorant and apathetic enough to permit it. If we chose to tax wealth instead of income, and tax it progressively, all of our nation's financial woes could be addressed. Instead we are at the hands of the wealthy parasites that owned 34.1% of our privately held wealth in 2004 a pay a minor portion of our taxes. This is because we are ignorant and apathetic enough to permit them to buy our votes with their propaganda.

What are the 4 main responsibilities of government?

Equal distribution of power, national security, economics, and legislation.

Why are Huey Long and Father Charles E Coughlin referred to as demagogues?

Both men talked about the unbalanced distribution of power and wealth during the hard times of the Great Depression

What did early socialists believe?

they did believe in something i just don't know!! NO, They believed in wealth distribution for rich to poor and that capitolism keeps the rich rich and the poor poor they also believed that government must guarantee basic standards of living for people