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Characteristics of EIS:

->Drill down

->summarized data

-> Easy Analysis

-> Exceptional Reporting

-> Navigation of information

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Q: What is executive information system and what are its characteristics?
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What is the importance of executive information systems?

An executive information system refers to a type of management information system that aids in decision-making needs. It is an important tool in financial analysis, manufacturing and marketing.

What are the characteristics of Management Information Systme?

"Whatare the characteristics of Management Information System"

What is mean mis executive?

MIS EXECUTIVE MEANS - Management Information System.

What are the features of executive information system?

An executive information system (EIS) is a type of information management system that basically makes senior executive decision-making easier. Features include various EIS components that can be classified as hardware, software, telecommunications or user interfaces.

What is the difference between expert system and executive information system?


What is the difference between managing reporting system and executive information system?

Management Information System

What type of information system would be used by upper level management using both internal and external information?

executive information system

What information system would be most useful in determining what direction to go in the next two years?

executive information system

executive information system?

provides aggregate, high-level data

What are the Characteristics of information generated by management information system?

characteristic and significance of MIS

What are the caracterriseies of presidential system of government?

The characteristics of a Presidential system of government include a person who is the head of state and the head of the executive branch of government.

Examples of Executive information system?

Generally an Executive Information System is a slightly dumbed down version of reports generated by an Accounting System. Generally, no inputs are allowed into the accounting system from the EIS. The theory is that it makes executives lives easier, and is considered a throwback to the days when executives did not know how to operate a computer system.