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'the possibility for a state to exercise control over its population and territory without interefrence from the outside

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Q: What is external sovereignty?
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How does internal sovereignty differ from external sovereignty?

internal sovereignty = state is the highest authority within that territory external sovereignty = the recognition by all states that each state possesses internal sovereignty in equal measure

Who gave the concept of external sovereignty?


What are different types of sovereignty?

1. Internal sovereignty- It is the supreme authority of a State over the activities taking place within its territory and to exclude others from doing any unauthorized interference. It is of two types-(i) Legal sovereignty- It is the power to make law and to repeal or modofy existing laws.(ii) Political sovereignty- It implies that the will of 'political sovereign' is ultimately obeyed by the citizens of the State. It is the political sovereignty that comes into play in international law.2. External sovereignty- It relates to the recognition on the part of all States that each possesses this power in equal measure.

What term means freedom for external control?


What term means freedom from external control?


What are the two connotations of sovereignty?

The two connotations of sovereignty are internal sovereignty, which refers to a government's authority within its own borders, and external sovereignty, which pertains to a government's independence and recognition by other states in the international community.

How does sovereignty of a nation affect the stability of good policies?

Sovereignty of a nation can affect the stability of good policies by impacting the ability of the government to enforce and implement those policies without external interference. A strong sense of sovereignty can empower a government to make long-term decisions that benefit its population without external pressure, promoting policy stability. Conversely, a lack of sovereignty or external interference can hinder policy implementation and undermine stability.

What Must have supreme power to act within its territory and to control its external affairs?

I believe it is sovereignty.

What is the definition sovereignty?

Sovereignty is the supreme authority or power held by a state or government to govern itself or another state. It involves the ability to make decisions, enforce laws, and control internal and external affairs without interference from external forces.

Can you give me an example of sovereignty?

Sovereignty is demonstrated when a country has the ultimate authority to govern itself without interference from external forces. For example, when a nation makes its own decisions on issues such as laws, trade agreements, and defense without being dictated by other countries, it is exercising sovereignty.

Freedom from external control?

Autonomy refers to the ability to make choices and decisions free from external control or interference. It involves having independence and power over one's own actions.

Is the protection of the US sovereignty territory domestic population and critical infrastructure against external threats and aggression or other threats.?

homeland defense