What is factual grievance?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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it is where the needs of employee remain unfulfilled e.g. promised salary on 1st paid on 7th

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Q: What is factual grievance?
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What is a redress of grievance?

The court system.

What was formed to address grievance of the colonist?

Continental Congress

What is a imaginary grievance?

It is just a belief or feelings that something is happening.

What are the causes of grievances?

Overt manifestation of a grievance by an employee taking recourse to the formal procedure may not in all cases solve the real problem. It is true that in many cases the grievance could be taken care of through the grievance process, but there are instances and occasions when a much deeper analysis of the systems, procedures, practices and personalities in the organization need to be examined for the possible casual relationship between them and the grievance, it is well known that the formally stated grievance is not always the real grievance. There may be hidden reason, such as a problem supervisor for instance, of an individual may have difficulty in relating to a work group with a totally different value system. The factors contributing to the grievance should be properly studied and analysed to ensure that in fact the expressed grievance represents the problem stated and not any other problem. The factors commonly found to contribute to employee grievances are management practices, union practices and personality traits.

How was the grievance addressed when the government of the US was created?

the most signifigant grievance against Great Britain was that colonists were taxed without representation in Parliament. How was this grievance addressed when the government of the United States was created?