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It has no formal role in the process.

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Q: What is formal role of the judicial branch in amending the constitution (apex)?
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What is the formal role of the judicial branch amending the Constitution?


What is the formal role of the judicial branch in amending the Constitution?

it has no formal role in the process (apex)

Which of these has no formal role in amending the constitution?

the president

The framers provided formal methods of?

The framers provided formal methods for amending the Constitution. The United States Constitution, ratified on June 21, 1788, has a total of 27 amendments.

When the president signs a formal agreement with states or countries this is known as a?

Judicial Branch

What is the difference between formal amendments and judicial interpretation?

Formal amendments are changes to the Constitution made by following the procedures outlined in Article V; they result in new written material being added to the Constitution (even if the addition actually repeals another amendment). Judicial interpretation is called the "informal amendment process" because it changes the way the Constitution is understood and applied without altering the document itself.

What is the formal constitutional check on the supreme courts power of judicial review?

Congress can check the power of the Supreme Court by introducing amendments to the Constitution.

What are the rules of conduct for the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court?

There are no formal rules of conduct specific to the Chief Justice. Article III of the Constitution, which addresses the Judicial Branch of government, states justices hold their positions during "good behavior," meaning as long as they don't commit impeachable offenses.

What is the formal Latin name for the Church's teaching authority?

Magisterium . a noun. This is a little confusing as in everday English the Magistracy is the Judicial branch of Government, and a Magistrate is of, course a Judge.

What is cumulative constitution?

One which is a product of growth or a long period of development originating in customs, traditions, judicial decisions, etc., rather than from a deliberate and formal enactment

America's first formal constitution was the?

Depends what you mean by formal. The Mayflower Compact was probably the first pseudo-constitution. Wasnt the first formal constitution the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut...

What is the process by which congress may remove a member of the executive or judicial branch from office?

The legislative branch may remove a member of the executive or judicial branch from office through a process known as impeachment. The actual impeachment is the first step in the process, when the charges are being leveled against the accused official. If convicted on those charges, the official can then be removed from office.