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Q: What is good evening in t'boli?
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What is called a private evening party?

Soiree evening part with musical entertainment

What do you wear to meet the president?

It depends on the event, but in general formal attire would be a good idea. For men, during the day, a fresh-pressed, good-fitting shirt under a dark gray or blue suit with a subdued tie and dark socks and shined dress shoes; during the evening a black suit and black shoes. For women, during the day, a smart but subdued pant or skirt suit that does not show your knees or cleavage is appropriate, minimal makeup and jewelry, small earrings if at all, during the evening an understated evening dress (e.g. a little back dress) with black shoes. In both cases, hair should be neat and groomed, and men should shave and trim facial hair, and women should shave legs or armpits if they will be exposed, and of course clip your nails and brush your teeth, etc. Cologne and perfume should be avoided or used VERY sparingly. It's more important that you look clean and groomed than to wear the perfect outfit, however.

How do you use promenade in a sentence?

We walked hand-in-hand on the promenade. We liked to promenade in the town square every Saturday evening.

Where did Benjamin Franklin's kite experiment take place?

Benjamin Franklin's famous experiment took place on a cold evening in June Philadelphia.

Was Lincoln Steffans a scalawag?

Lincoln Joseph Steffens was a reporter who wrote for the New York Evening Post. He wrote about Boss Tweed, the Mexican Revolution, and the Soviet Revolution. He was called a muckracker.