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Political instability as a term usually refers to the likelihood of a government failing. All governments are unstable in some sense of the word.

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Q: What is government instability?
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How does political instability increase identity politics?

Political instability within a government would appear to give political parties the leverage to take advantage of this instability to strongly influence the policies and activities of the unstable central government. However, there are factors that offset this problem for the central government. One clear one is that political instability is an indicator that political parties are often unstable as well. The other handicap the central government can avoid is the fact that the potential powers of political parties are rivals among each other. Giving the central government the opportunity to drive a wedge between these parties, and thereby negate the instability of the central government. There are innumerable variables in this scenario that are open to speculation.

What caused instability in Latin American government's?

Racial or ethnic tensions

How does government instability prevent a country from providing these services?

because africasss the best

A major reason for the decline of the Roman Empire was?

political corruption and the instability of the government.

What is the period between governments?

A caretaker government rules temporarily, usually at a point of instability, such as after a war.

Does emigration cause population size to increase?

instability of government and political environment as well as civil war

What is one of the benefits of political instability in China was?

One, that question doesn't make any sense. Two, define benefits. Benefits to who? The Chinese Government? The Chinese people? The U.S.A? Three, what political instability are you talking about?

What is the effect of political instability on a growing company?

Political instability makes new and/or growing companies a risky venture. Any kind of political instability is not healthy for any country. It makes the future seem uncertain, it causes economic instability, and endangers Constitutional or Government mandated rights of its citizens. In some nations, it creates an atmosphere that can lead to a civil war or major revolts within a country.

How do you use the word instability in a sentence?

The instability of a moving platform is often difficult to balance upon.

How would you define an unjust government?

A government that does not have the best interests of the people as the focal point of policy and procedure, provides instability in the welfare of the people, and does not align with and refuses to adept to the will of the people.

When was The Instability created?

The Instability was created in 1989.

What are the cause of political instability?

Poverty, bad conditions for the average people, anger of the people towards the government, etc. All of these are reasons that provoke political instability in the form of crime, revolutions, rebellions, civil wars and other forms of revolting.