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freedom!!!! when the government does it it is called a pardon.


Freedom is not granted but rather taken. Too many times it is taken for granted but freedom granted is nothing more than an oxymoron. While pardons and even paroles may seem like freedom granted, it is more correct to view it as freedom acknowledged. Surely a man convicted who has either been pardoned or paroled has paid whatever price that would have or did take his freedom away to begin with but just because it was taken from him does not mean upon this mans newfound freedom it was granted by anyone other than his own being who will either enjoy that freedom or not. In medieval times there were legal documents that would "grant freedom" to serfs or even owners of shipwrecked salvage but this was a primitive time where people were willing to believe freedom was up to somebody else to grant and not simply there for the taking. Perhaps there are many now who believe the same but there are just as many who live their lives free with or without the permission of the "powers that be".

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Q: What is grant of freedom called?
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