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Congressional gridlock: (Legislative processing) Gridlock occurs when one, or both, political factions (Parties) choose to not negotiate (in good faith) for the best outcome/solution possible for ALL Americans.

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* A traffic jam in which no vehicular movement is possible, especially one caused by the blockage of key intersections within a grid of streets. * A complete lack of movement or progress resulting in a backup or stagnation For the source and more detailed information concerning this subject, click on the related links section ( indicated below this answer box.

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Congressional gridlock refers to legislative debates and procedures that have come to irreconcilable impasse. In other words the issue at the moment is beyond compromise amicable to the involved parties. Political gridlock can come from filibusters, procedural obstructionism and deliberated failure to confirm nominees.

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gridlock occurs when president and congress cannot agree on legoslation.. no cooperation

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Q: What is gridlock in congress?
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Gridlock between the president and congress can occur because of?

Partisan political differences

Why is the current US congress useless?

It's not useless. There is just a great deal of gridlock.

What are baneful effects?

You are seeing it in the Congress of the United States. Nasty wrangling and gridlock, far from the national interest.

Why has a gridlock become such a problem in recent years?

Congress has become more evenly split between republicans and democrats.

What part of speech is gridlock?

The word gridlock is a noun. A gridlock is interlocking congested traffic.

When was Gridlock - novel - created?

Gridlock - novel - was created in 1991.

How do use gridlock in a sentence?

The avenue's traffic gridlock made it more of a parking lot.

In the Federalist papers 37 what are the external and internal dangers today which your government ought to address?

THe major internal threats are gridlock due to a divided Congress such as the 2001-203

What is the remedy for congressional gridlock?

The remedy for congressional gridlock is bipartisanism. The reason there is gridlock is because both political parties refuse to budge from their ideas instead of finding common ground.

What are the ratings and certificates for Gridlock - 1980 TV?

Gridlock - 1980 TV is rated/received certificates of: Iceland:L

Did Obama send a budget to congress in the past 4 years?

Yes he did. It is a myth that he never sent a budget. But actually, presidents are not the deciders when it comes to the budget: budgets are generated by congress. Presidents will send their spending priorities and what they would like to see allocated; the congress then creates a budget. Due to congressional gridlock, this has been a very difficult and contentious process.

What is policy gridlock?

Policy gridlock is when no coalition is strong enough to form and hold a majority. Due to not holding a majority, policy cannot be established. Nothing gets done. Policy gridlock can occur when one party doesn't hold a significant majority of seats in congress.