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If I understood your question properly, it is called ''Pluriculturalism''.

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Q: What is having many different groups of people that have different beliefs and language?
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What Importance of having a national language in the phlippines?

Having a national language in the Philippines, which is Filipino, helps unite the diverse cultural and linguistic groups within the country. It promotes communication and understanding among Filipinos from different regions. Additionally, having a national language can facilitate governance, education, and cultural identity.

How different language might affect organization relation?

Having organization where people speak different languages can cause the formation of isolated social groups. Interaction between the various groups should encouraged to prevent fragmented teams.

What is cultural diversity?

it is the state of having a variety of cultures in the same area.

Why do you have different beliefs?

You have different beliefs because if you have one same belief then you won't really have a life so what's the point of having one belief.

Having beliefs different from those of the church is called .?

Beliefs that are different to any established church or religious organization is Secularism. While beliefs that differ or are counter to specific religious doctrines is call Heresy.

What is chiral intermediate?

A chiral intermediate is a molecule that has an asymmetric carbon atom, resulting in non-superimposable mirror image structures known as enantiomers. These enantiomers exhibit distinct stereochemical properties and can have different biological activities or reactivities in chemical reactions. Chiral intermediates play a crucial role in asymmetric synthesis and the production of single enantiomer compounds.

How was the Inca tribe organized?

The inca tribue was organized by having different people in different groups of their racists

Having beliefs different from those of the church are called?

In Christianity, these beliefs are called heresies, and those who hold them are called heretics. They are not pagans - pagans are not Christians at all - but Christians who have "gone off the rails" on an essential belief.

How do people from different beliefs think?

just like us, but with different point of views. its just like having a friend that has different candy preferences.

What is the different Diversity and Equality?

Equality is everyone having the same rights, privileges and access. Diversity is the representation of a variety of different groups.

How does national language promote unity?

A national language can promote unity by fostering a sense of identity and cultural belonging among a country's citizens. It enables effective communication and understanding across different regions and social groups, contributing to a shared national identity. Having a common language can also help reduce misunderstandings and conflicts that may arise due to language barriers.

How did the bunyip get its name?

The name "bunyip" comes from Australian Aboriginal languages, with various indigenous groups having different words to describe the mysterious creature. The word "bunyip" is believed to originate from the Wemba-Wemba or Wergaia language of southeastern Australia.