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Abraham Lincoln

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Q: What is honest Abe really name?
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What is Honest Abe's real name?

Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the USA.

What is the name of Honest Abe's parents?

Abe's parents were Tom and Nancy Lincoln.

What was Abraham Lincolns nick name?

"Honest Abe" is one commonly heard Lincoln nickname.

What was Abe's real name?

Abraham Lincoln is his real name.FYI:Also they nicknamed him 'Honest Abe'.

What is a Three letter word for honest man?

Probably Abe -- Abe Lincoln was honest as "Honest Abe".

Does Abraham Lincoln have a nick name?

Honest Abe

How do you spell Honest Abe's last name?


What was Lincoln's nickname?

Honest AbeHonest Abe

What was Daisy Mae's son's name?

Honest Abe Yokum

Which president nick name was Honest Abe?

Abraham Lincoln

Who got the nickname 'Honest Abe'?

Abraham Lincoln was nicknamed Honest Abe.

Whose nickname is honest Abe?

Abraham Lincoln had the nickname of Honest Abe.