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Q: What is human right and its limitation?
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What is an unqualified right?

unqualified right is the absolute right which means there is no limitation to such right.

What is the limitation of resolution for the human eye is how many micrometers?


Identify two limitations of physical models?

One limitation of a physical model is that a model of a human body may look like a human body, but does not act/work like a human body does.( sorry only found one limitation )

What are the limitation of human resource planning?

A large limitation of human resource planning is uncertainty. Many HR professionals dislike the planning aspect because they believe it costs money in the form of time and training.

Describe the historical limitation on participation of woman in US efforts to gain equal right?

describe the historical limitation on participation of woman in united state to gain equal right

Limitation of computerized accounting?

One limitation of computerized accounting is that some errors can go undetected. A human mind has better judgment as to what is sensible and prudent in accounting.

Limitation of science and technology?

The human brain. As Einstein said; "We don't yet understand 1,000th of 1% of what nature has revealed to us"

What is a limitation of a model?

A limitation of a model is that it may oversimplify complex real-world systems, leading to inaccurate predictions or conclusions. Additionally, models are based on assumptions that may not always hold true in different scenarios, impacting their reliability and applicability.

Which limitation can local government place on the right of assembly?

They may require a permit for a public gathering.

When was A Human Right created?

A Human Right was created in 2010.

What are the Limitation of the rule of the law?


What are the limitation of tally?

what are Talley's limitation.