What is inauguartion?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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i have no clue i just wanted to do something on the computer

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Q: What is inauguartion?
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The presidential inauguartion takes place in what month?


Does the president of the US have to use the bible for the inauguartion?

NO, but it has become a tradition.

When was the first inauguartion?

April 30, 1789 in New York -- Washington was sworn in.

What is the act or ceremony of installing a president or officer into office?

This is called the Inauguration , part of which is the "swearing in" of the President at which point he repeats the oath of office as required by the Constitution.

What has been the traditional view of Abraham Lincoln's role during the early secessionist movement prior to his inauguartion?

A good number of Lincoln biographers have betrayed President elect Lincoln as being isolated in Springfield Illinois as the secession crisis unfolded after his November 1860 election victory. Many believe that he did not understand the depth of the problem or saw the secession process as a bluff to extort concessions such as the extension of the Missouri Compromise line west to the Pacific coast. What most historians seem to agree on is that it would have been impossible to persuade the Deep South to renounce their secession.

What does the very very next part of the Abraham Lincoln Troadshow look like?

November 8,1864:Lincoln easily won reelection on that day defeating general George B.McClellan. March 4,1865:Lincoln took his second inauguartion at the White House on that day. April 9,1865:General Robert E.Lee surrendered to general Ulysses S.Grant in Northern Virginia on that day.This thing ended the Civil War. April 14,1865:The Lincolns attended Fords Theatre to see a comedy.The comedy was called Our American Cousin.During the play Lincoln was shot by a young actor John Wilkes Booth. April 15,1865:Lincoln died on that day.At that time he was 56 years old. April 12,1869:Lincolns stepmother Sarah died on that day.At that time she was 80 years old.