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Single, owner managed travel agencies, often specialising in a practicular type of tour operator product.

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Q: What is independent travel agency?
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What is independent travel agents?

i was looking for a definition myself but here we go. i think an independent travel agency is a travel agency that is independent. FIRST OF THIS IS RUBBISH an independent is a travel agent isn't owned by any one it is either owned by 1 person or a small group of people

What is cooperative travel?

Cooperative travel refers to a independent travel agency located in the United Kingdom. It is a very popular corporation and is one of the largest independent travel agencies to this day.

Is Holidays Direct a reputable travel agency?

Holidays Direct is an independent online travel agency which was a finalist for Online Agent of the Year in 2008 and their site States that financial protection is guaranteed.

What defines an independent agency?

Independent agency is an agency of the United States government that is created by an act of Congress and the independent of the executive departments.

What has the author Martin Laing written?

Martin Laing has written: 'The internet and travel agency in the context of the independent traveller'

What does the company Hays Travel offer?

The company Hays Travel offers traveling help. Hays Travel is the largest independent travel agency located in the United Kingdom. Hays Travel can help anyone with their traveling needs.

What is an independent travel agency?

An independent travel agent is often owned by a family or partnership and are private companies. These Outlets are more likely to be found in smaller towns has they cannot afford rent of prime locations. Many Independents are bought out by Miniples and Multiple chains. Independent travel agents rely on repeat business.

Is there a travel agency in UK called tradewinds travel agency?

Trade winds travel agency.

Is there a travel agency in Lagos called- Nigeria Globe Travel Agency?

is there a travel agency in Lagos, Nigeria called Nigeria Globe Travel Agency? No

Is OSHA an independent agency?

No, OSHA is not an independent executive agency. It is part of the Department of Labor.

Is there a travel agency in united kingdom named vlex world travel agency?

Yes, so a travel agency simply name in vlex world travel agency.

Is the CIA a independent regulatory agency?

is the central intelligence agency a 1. an independent executive agency. 2. an independent council. 3. a regulatory commission. 4. a government corporation.