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Inter is a prefix for either inside or involved, to say you are inter means you are involved within something.

While Generational Tyranny means a form of tyranny that passes on the sins of your father. To elaborate: Generational Tyranny would be that your father owed money and so by defacto of you being his son you are born into his debts. This doesn't deal strictly with debts alone but also contracts. Generational Tyranny would say that you are obligated to follow the laws of your forefather.

Note that the above paragraph asserts that you under Generational Tyranny would not have any say in the matter of your contracts or debts inherited.

Generational Tyranny claims that the the rulings of a few control the decisions of many even the ones who refuse and that no action is determined by the individual but rather a part of the Tyranny as all parties even the tyrant are conditioned to continue to support Generational Tyranny.

Inter Generational Tyranny would be speaking of the interconnection between the various parties or specifically the platform of the interconnection.

It could be a made up prefix to that word.

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Q: What is inter generational tyranny?
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