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is best describe as organelles, cytoplasm, water, proteins, and other chemicals, nucleus.

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Q: What is intracellular environment?
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How does the intracellular environment differ from the extracellular environment during a resting state?

Intracellular is more lazy compared to extracellular environment when both of them are resting. Maybe intracellular is more tired.

The intracellular environment is best described as?

The intracellular environment is best described as organelles, cytoplasm, water, proteins, and other chemicals, nucleus.

What environment is most likely to contain products that have been secreted by cells?

intracellular environment

What term describes the environment outside the cell?

extracellular! it is NOT the cell wall or the cytoplasm!

Are eubacteria intracellular or extracellular?


Do mollusks undergo extracellular digestion or intracellular digestion?


Is proteins the major intracellular anion?

No; the major intracellular anion is phosphate.

Does lymph includes extracellular fluid or intracellular fluid?

intracellular fluid

What pathogens are intracellular and what are intracellular?

intracellular pathogens can only replicate inside a host cell, whereas extracellular pathogens can replicate independent of the host

What does the cell memberance do?

The cell membrane acts as a barrier between the extracellular fluid (ECF) and the intracellular fluid (ICF) allowing the cell to selectively control its internal environment so that it can carry out complicated biochemical reactions in a stable environment.

Why are viruses intracellular?

viruses are intracellular because they need to use cells to replicate themselves

What is the primary site of the intracellular digestion?

The primary site of intracellular digestion are the lysosomes.